8 Cinnamon Buns and Other Keys to Healthy and Happy

January 24, 2017

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So.... as you may have gotten a clue, I might just have had eight cinnamon buns last Sunday. Don't blame it on me, my mom was kind enough to bake them with almond milk.

In memoriam of those eight delicious, juicy buns I want to share eight things that (in addition to cinnamon buns, apparently) make me happy.

1. Learning. I'm currently studying reading a book about the history of African countries since their independence. 700 pages of genocide, cannibalism and a very long walk to freedom. One should never ignore the opportunities to gain knowledge.

2. Taking a little tech-time-out. On Sunday I broke in my new hiking boots; walks in a wintry forest and on a frozen lake. Spending time in nature in winter is a matter of good gear.

3. Practising self-care. Yesterday evening I pampered myself with a hot, energising orange bath for the feet. Followed by heavenly lavender cream and cuticle oil.

4. Drinking tea makes me relaxed-kind of happy. Be it green, rooibos, honeybush or white. Organic, of course.

5. Rising early, even if it's dark out. Creating (and updating) morning rituals is important in accomplishing this.

6. Oral hygiene. Ok, this one sounds weird. For me it, however, makes a huge difference. Coconut oil pulling, flossing and carefully brushing my teeth are some of the keys to a fresh mind. Don't judge until you've tried.

7. Recycling. Can you imagine that the only non-recyclable garbage in my bin consists of floss, cotton buds and -pads. Thanks to my new spray-in facial toner the amount of cotton pads is minimal too. Next I should try and find recyclable alternatives to floss and unnecessary cotton.

8. Having a genuine interest in multiple things. Therefore, if I ever lose interest in something there are plenty of opportunities left to choose from. This is also a key to never being bored.

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