January 10, 2017


Kari Traa / Röhnisch / New Balance / Suki Skincare / Tata Harper / Rodin / Herbivore Botanicals / Dr. Hauschka

Back at it, my old obsession. Namely carrying a cuticle pen with me. In junior high I always had a Mavala cuticle pen in my pencil case. Updated version of this old habit comes in a form of Dr. Hauschka.

I'm glad I did not end up cutting my hair before the resent trip - it did not suffer any sun damage. Quite the contrary. Rodin oil treatments every now and then must be doing the trick. In addition to using la bruket's organic, natural shampoo and biotin. On occasion I grab a hair dryer. That is, to speed up defrosting of the freezer or to dry clothes after spilling something.

I cannot wait to explore Zurich (morning runs in a new city <3) in my workout gear. Thanks to a dear friend who introduced me to Kari Traa - love it.

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