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January 29, 2017


Among several other lists I also came up with a packing list for skincare and beauty products that are traveling to Zurich with me.

I'm no hoarder, so making a list might be a little exaggerated. Basically I just empty my bathroom drawer to a vanity bag. However, this is what is included. 

Ironically enough, I'm currently lacking the sole necessity to build  on - beauty sleep. My downstairs neighbours have been having a blast all weekend long. For real - on Friday they started at 9 pm and finished... I don't know when, but I stayed up from 4 to 6 am because of the music and people yelling over it. 

Last night I fell asleep like a baby after my boyfriend informed them about the quiet time (lasting from 10 pm to 7 am). ONLY to find myself behind their door at 4.30 am in a coat and slippers. 

Not that it helped, as after ten minutes the party went on as usual. I'm blaming it on cultural differences - they were obviously southern European exchange students.

To pick up the vacuum cleaner (at 7 am just after they fell asleep) or not - that is the question.

Dr. Hauschka nail and cuticle pen, Herbivore Botanicals clarifying lapis facial oil, Raaw in a jar rejuvenating rosehip facial oil, Rodin olio lusso hair oil, Tata Harper illuminating, Dr. Hauschka clarifying toner, Grown alchemist hand cream, Susanne Kaufmann enzyme peel, Rocky Mountain Soap Company lip butters, Lush sultana of soap


  1. could you possibly share your beauty regimen as well with us , am always on the hunt for soem tips or tricks i havent heard before ( altough as a skincare junkie myself thats hard to believe) i myself use lots of oil but i make sure to apply a cream right on top to "seal" it in.anyway as per usual your blog and the way you write is just a breath of fresh air!! ( especially in my "mommy" life nowadays when i can virtually see what grown ups are up to . Fedu- da insta stalkaa ;)

    1. Fedu, I'm so glad to hear from you again. You're an amazing confidence booster - thank you!!

      ..and I'm on it ;)

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