Beauty Regimen

February 4, 2017

My favourite Moroccan insta-stalker asked me to write about beauty regimen. ;)

I must have said it too many times, but I'm quite relaxed with everything beauty-related. I mean - I don't dye my hair or curl the eyelashes. I don't use hair dryer or own a foundation (I had to Google the word 'foundation' just to make sure it's called that). All this does not mean I don't have a little something called beauty regimen, even if it is mostly about healthy habits and enhancing natural beauty. 

I start every day with oil pulling, whereas flossing is a nighttime habit. Lemons are currently in season (<3), which means I dare to buy organic ones and they are included in my daily diet. I consider it to be a part of my beauty regimen to drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning. Right after juicing the lemon I sink my nails in it, as by doing so I can easily brighten my nails.

You often hear people telling how they've heard or read you should do something. I admittedly do that as well (like right here, right now), but in many cases of well-being it may suffice to feel. That's the relationship I have with my hair. The products I use include shampoo, conditioner and oil. For the past few months it's been on a daily basis Swedish La Bruket's  shampoo made of balancing essential oils. I use Madara's conditioner and Rodin's hair oil whenever I feel like it - could be once a week or so.

Taking care of the skin is my favourite. I could not live without oils and creams. Literally, as my skin tends to be quite sensitive and itchy if not properly taken care of. The products I use vary a lot, as I hardly ever buy the same product twice. Currently it's either an olive oil cream from an olive farm nearby the farm in Africa, or Madara's sculpturing oil for the days I stay at home. Not exactly loving the dress up-game after oiling. If you could recommend a good (natural, organic, bunny-proofed etc. all things nice) body oil, I'd be grateful !

I now have to knock on wood, but lately I've been really quite happy with my face. The skin somehow seems to be soft and glowing. The ice swimming must be working. In the mornings I use toner; still have some of Madara's balancing toner left, but I'm excited to move onto Dr. Hauschka's sprayable one and get rid of those cotton pads. High five for less garbage! I then apply eye cream and three drops of  balancing blue tansy oil from Herbivore Botanicals - the product that evens out the skin in colour, texture and what not. Lastly I put on some Madara's tinted day cream for added moisture. On days I need even more moisture I apply Raaw in a jar's rose hip oil instead of the blue tansy one. In the evenings I dig up the same arsenal with only one addition, Madara's gentle cleansing foam. Spick-and-span in no time without the drying effect.

To get ready for the day I use Tata Harper's illuminating cream as a highlighter and Dr. Hauschka's bronzing powder to bring some sun to my face. Some brown mascara (Dr. Hauschka, again) and a few strokes of a light eye brow pen. From shower to this in 10 minutes. 

I never bring make-up with me, even though lately I've been trying to carry a lipstick around. I love a good red lipstick, be it Parisian or orange(ish). Something fresh. Most of the time I'm left with lip balm, and I always have a hand cream with me. Currently using one from Grown Alchemist.

And I thought I'd have nothing to say about beauty regimen.

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