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February 20, 2017


Currently inspired by...

. . . art. Lately I've been visiting museums in Zurich, Luzern and Basel. The most inspiring of the art museums was Rosengart Collection in Luzern. If you ever get a chance to visit Luzern I highly recommend stopping by (or spending hours like I did). They have an amazing collection of Picasso, in addition to which there are photographs of his studio and life in general.

. . . and because taking pictures is prohibited in Rosengart, let me present you a photograph of Hans Arp's the Drunken Egg-Cup instead. This piece can be found in Fine Arts Museum Basel.

. . . a friend of mine. You know how they tell you to surround yourself with inspiring people? Well, in that I have succeeded. A close friend of mine introduced me to mung beans and let me tell you; they make you feel so good. This messy bowl I had for lunch today comprised of boiled mung beans, avocado and tamari soy sauce.

. . . the scent of musk. My landlady, whom I also currently live with, is of Persian origin. The musk-scented candles and ginger tea are of essence, not to forget about pomegranates. I've yet to try this Byredo's Bullion Perfume, but if it smells as heavenly as I have imagined, it sure is the scent I'm going after next.

. . . Loewe. Finely crafted leather goods that come in various shapes and sizes. Last week my everyday bag was sent to Paris to be repaired, which has left my eyes sparkling for something in soft, brown leather.

Pictures from me, Loewe and Byredo.

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