25 things that make me happy

March 8, 2017

It's my 25th birthday! Therefore, 25 things that give me joy. In no specific order - except for the first one. Oh, also taking advantage of this special status and thus uploading as many selfies as I please.

1. The obvious I wish was included to everyone's list: family and those few (even dearer) close friends.

2. Home. I've always been a homebody, thus enjoying the time I get to spend at home reading, drawing, organising, cooking, cleaning, singing opera and what not.

3. Travelling, travelling, travelling. Not every place is on my list, but the list is long enough with those dream spots included.

4. Nature. Last Saturday was beyond windy and stormy but I needed to fix my urge to get out there, so I ended up hiking up to Uetliberg, a hill where you get a panorama view of Zurich and the Alps.

5. Smiling people. I always thought Finnish people smile the least. Well, Swiss people get pretty close. I'm not going to get discouraged and will nevertheless keep sharing smiles, hoping to have a couple of them returned.

6. Food. People who don't enjoy eating (or cooking) are somewhat fishy. My favourite kitchens? Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern. Ok, and also mixed Asian dishes.

7. Books. People who don't read only live once. I couldn't agree more.

8. Art. Contemporary art I dislike, but really appreciate those 19th to 20th century masters. Magritte, Picasso, Klimt, Chagall, Kahlo, Monet, Dali, Van Gogh, Renoir...

9. Music. My taste has been altering (or should I say evolving) all my life but hey, that's life. This current phase, however, has lasted for quite some time now. Meaning genius composers like Hans Zimmer who create the scene for some of the most amazing movies. And opera I've loved since I was a kid. Fingers crossed I'll get to Verdi's opera T O D A Y.

10. Well... clothes. In my opinion clothes are - at their best - beautiful art. If I wasn't such a practical walker (and if I only had a limitless budget) you'd never again see me in jeans and boring ankle boots.

11. Sunshine. Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate all kinds of weather conditions. Yet, it's true what they say: Turn your face towards the sun and you'll always look lovely.

12. Rituals. Be they morning or evening, detoxing or retoxing. For me, certain daily habits bring more joy than I could ever explain.

13. Beautiful architecture. Harmonious or surprising colour combinations. Simply sleek or extravaganza. When it gets you, you can't help but feel it.

14. Spotting animals in their natural habitat. Be it squirrel, pheasant, fox or rhino.

15. Ceramics and hand-crafted decor. Colourful tiles and detailed vases - unique is the key.

16. Flowers. Any flowers anywhere. Wild flowers, bouquets, dried flowers. Ahhh, now I wish I had a bunch of lavender here. Actually I'm extending this to plants. Right now almost anything intensely green would do.

17. Soft fabrics. Cashmere, silk, linen, leather. Anything that feels like a hug.

18. Landscapes. Could be coast, meadow, forest, jungle or beach. And mountains, always mountains.

19. Helping others. I'm not a jealous type and a firm believer that if we help each other we'll all make it. Be it sharing the knowledge, opening doors or just something as simple as smiling. Sharing is caring.

20. Nostalgia. I'm the most nostalgic person I've ever come across with. Also, I'm not afraid of shedding a couple of tears whenever a (bitter)sweet memory comes to my mind. Public crying is not something to be afraid of.

21. Monkeying around slash embracing your inner child slash having a wild imagination. I hope I'll never ever loose this. It sure helps to be in love with someone who loves fooling around as much as you do.

22. Going to places - alone. It's completely different from being lonely to really love being by yourself and voluntarily do stuff on your own terms. Museums, restaurants, movies, travels - you're the boss.

23. Dim lights. I love the intimacy of a candle or dimmed lights. 

24. Silence. Occasional nature sounds I don't mind but I really (really, really) love the complete silence.

25. Deep conversations. Mindless chit chat I manage but it doesn't bring JOY. One on one intimate moments are what I live for.

PS. Happy Women's Day to all wonderful women in my life <3

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